Indoor Skydiving for the First Time!

The most fun your can imagine and perfect for the introductory ground floor or indoor skydiver from age 2 to 92. With a customized experience geared toward the first time flyer you will get personalized instruction from our well trained staff of expert free fallers. First time packages start with free fall simulation packages that mimic body flight from an altitude of 30,000 feet.

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Don't worry about a fear of heights, jumping, or falling. You'll start flying only feet above the ground, within arm's reach of a highly-trained instructor. As your comfort level increases, you can go to higher altitudes and attempt more complex maneuvers while still maintaining a high level of safety.

Indoor Skydiving is perfect for the large number of people that are afraid of heights since, in a vertical wind tunnel, the 'skydiver' only floats a few feet above trampoline-type netting. For those who are uncertain about taking the plunge of an actual skydive from 10,000 feet or higher, Indoor Skydiving allows you to experience the feel of wind rushing past at terminal velocity while you float on a cushion of air at a safe altitude and within reach of a trained flight instructor.

Wind speed can be adjusted in vertical wind tunnels (generally between 80 mph to 140 mph) to accommodate the abilities and aerodynamics of an individual. Indoor vertical wind tunnels contain the person within a chamber through the use of walls and safety nets. Outdoor vertical wind tunnels have either netting or inflatable cushions surrounding the airstream, to catch anyone slipping out of the airstream. Wind tunnel flying is also a low impact activity, though warm-up exercises are frequently recommended prior to flying in one. As a result of the controlled safety of a vertical wind tunnel, indoor skydiving is generally suitable for participants of all ages. Finally, even children can enjoy the sensation of skydiving!

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Wind Tunnel Skydiving also works with a mobile wind tunnel skydiving vendor who travels with an Outdoor Vertical Wind Tunnel so we can book your skydive at locations across the United States that ordinarily do not offer the experience!

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Indoor Skydiving and Vertical Wind Tunnel Skydiving Indoor Skydiving and Vertical Wind Tunnel Skydiving Indoor Skydiving and Vertical Wind Tunnel Skydiving Indoor Skydiving and Vertical Wind Tunnel Skydiving